Farrier's Dog and his Fellow             Farrier's Dog and his Fellow  detail        

The Farrier's Dog and his Fellow, by Will Allen Dromgoole

            L. C. Page and Co.,  1897

Although the cover is unsigned, the lettering is identical to a signed Sacker binding (above, right) of another Dromgoole book, and the dog on the cover is very similar to the one in the signed frontispiece of the work.  Despite her masculine name, given to her by her parents, Dromgoole (1860-1934) was a prolific female writer from Tennessee.   

At the bottom of this page, see several color variants, two with gold title lettering.  (The dirty covers make it unclear whether the color of the image itself varies between the two examples.)

Also note the minor inking variant below, which gives the dog a "curious" neck and collar.


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black on blue variant       Farrier's Dog   variant         Farrior's Dog  all green

inking variation