Gallery of Amy Sacker Bookplates


The bookplates seen below are from Goodspeed's 1903 pamphlet.

   Image from Goodspeed bookplate brochure                   Vogue portrait of Amy                   

Interestingly, the drawing used to depict Amy in this publication (above left) is derived from a photograph on page 866, in the December 4, 1902 issue of Vogue Magazine (above right). Amy also provided two framework designs for this issue of Vogue.


                           Hutchison bookplate

       Georgia H. Emery                               Charles E. Hutchison         


 Augustus Loring bookplate                    Loring Reading Room bookplate

      Augustus Peabody Loring                      Loring Reading Room      

    Note that the figure is holding a model of the ship                                This plate appears, tipped in, in 

                 seen in the next bookplate.                                                                   The Printing Art, Vol. II. No.3     [11/1903]   


Harry Goodhue bookplate                    

               Harry Goodhue    Sacker and Goodhue were apparently good friends. Goodhue, in fact, designed a bookplate for Sacker. We do not yet know the circumstances of this possible "exchange" of bookplates.



        Harold Murdock                                   Hendrik Petersen     

This figure reappears on an unsigned cover !

                                     Harry W. wack bookplate


               Myra H. Nichols                            Harry W. Wack                         

                signed Chase bookplate           signature                  

Waldo K. Chase       The copy of this bookplate signed by Sacker comes from the Fearing Angling Bookplate Collection, Houghton Library, Harvard University. My thanks to Heather Cole, Assistant Curator of the Modern Books & Manuscripts department there.

[Interestingly, this figure, reversed, seems to appear on the cover of "The Literary World"


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