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Truth Dexter,by Sidney McCall (Mary Fenollosa)

        Little, Brown, 1901/C. Arthur Pearson (London), 1901 (?)

Other, presumably later, versions of the cover lack the single-rule border and/or Sacker's monogram. The English publisher retained all of the original elements (see below). Apparently, Sacker's lettering for the title was used for two different versions of the cover, including one with a paste-on (see below, although difficult to compare, given the condition of the cover). The image of the flaming heart in the middle of the design is found in a number of Sacker's designs.  This book was extremely popular, selling over 40,000 copies in the first year. See the bottom of the page for a cover design for this title by the Decorative Designers.



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 Pearson version



               Truth Dexter with paste-on        T Dexter variant 2



DD Truth Dexter This image comes from Larry Dingman's American Decorated Covers. 1890-1930 (2002) and was kindly provided by Danielle Rougeau, Assistant Curator of Special Collections & Archives at the Davis Family Library, Middlebury College.