Sunny Southerner                   Image result for 'julia magruder' circa 1894            monogram  Series monogram

A Sunny Southerner, by Julia Magruder

         L. C. page and Co.,  1901/1909  

One of many uses by the L. C. Page Company of this design. See also Famous Authors (Men) , The Prisoner of Mademoiselle , or The Lovers' Treasury of Verse. The central design, by Sacker, may not have appeared in earlier printings.The lettering, in fact, has been copied from the earlier version: see image below. (This is the 7th printing, February, 1909.) This cover image is made available by courtesy of the Department of Special Collections, Memorial Library, University of Wisconsin-Madison. My thanks to my colleagues there!


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A Sunny Southerner: Magruder, Julia


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