Story of the Foss River Ranch    Story of Foss River rance variant     monogram

                                                                                                                  Hard-to-see monogram
The Story of the Foss River Ranch, by Ridgwell Cullum

           L C Page/A L Burt/ Copp, Clark (Toronto), 1903

There seem not to be many Burt reprints which use Sacker's original design.  Susan Clegg and her Friend Mrs. Lathrop is the only other one of which I am aware. It is also known in light tan with different colored clothing. (see below). Amy also designed the title page for this title, a design used for a number of books.

When first published in England, by Chapman and Hall, the title was The Devil's Keg: the Story of the Foss River Ranch. Curiously, the Canadian publisher Copp, Clark later used this cover design for another Cullum title, The Watchers of the Plains (1908). See below..


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