Rubaiyat (LC Page)  spine       Rubaiyat red (LC PAge)     white spines      Rubaiyat 1898 white             spine variant  

The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam , translated from the Persian by Edward Fitzgerald

                L. C. page and Co., 1898

This cover reproduces the title page design that Sacker did for the slightly earlier Joseph Knight edition of this title. Note that the red volume, a later printing, indicates the date as 1812, rather than 1912! The spine design has at least two slight variants. My thanks to Thorn Books for the image of the white spines.

See below for a close-up, with Amy's 'hidden' monogram, in the design just to the left of the "B" in Boston, and the mis-dating. These volumes also exist in blue, with a slightly modified spine layout.


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