Philip Winwood   spine                         Philip Winwood              Philip Winwood monogram   Monogram

Philip Winwood, a sketch of the domestic history of an American captain in the War of Independence, by Robert Neilson Stephens

           L. C. Page and Co./ William Briggs (Toronto), 1900/ Chatto & Windus (London), 1901

The blind-stamped monogram is almost impossible to detect. There are also a couple of fascinating commercial uses of portions of this design by the publisher.   And John Lehner has recently sent me an image of a curious bookplate which uses the central motif of this design.

Below we see a 1900 copy published by William Briggs. Despite an almost simultaneous publication. Amy's monogram does NOT appear on this version ! There is also a much "blander" cover design, perhaps a series design for Stephens' books, apparenlty issued at about the same time [below right].


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