A number of diverse bookplates

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Three Bookplates kindly provided by the University of New Hampshire's 

Lewis Stark Bookplate Collection. My thanks to them.




(The leaf work on the Painter bookplate is reminiscent of her title-page design for Frederic Pangborn's The Silent Maid.)

Recently, bookseller Thomas Boss kindly provided me with two images of "new" Sacker bookplates:

Charles Main bookplate          Elizabeth G Houghton bookplate Ms. Houghton was an 1873 graduate of Vasser College.


A bookplate for the Women's City Club (Boston) ?

This bookplate, although signed"Sacker", rather than the AMS monogram, must date from 1913 or later, as the Club was founded in that year

Women's City Club bookplate

Rather interestingly, this bookplate exists both with and without Amy's name on it!! (See below)

closeup 2

                A Memorial Bookplate for the Radcliffe College Library                 

This bookplate was designed in 1923 following the premature death of Professor Waites, who taught at Mount Holyoke College. The books in her memory were given to Radcliffe College (seal in the upper right), where she obtained her B.A. and her Ph. D.

Click here for a larger image, where you can see greater detail, and see a book that contains the plate.

A bookplate for a Boston Poet

This bookplate also served as the cover design for Ms. Babcock's Echoes, published in 1927.  Below we can see the bookplate in copies of her two collections of poetry.   My great thanks to Marylene Altieri,  Curator of Books and Printed Materials, Schlesinger Library on the History of Women in America, Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, Harvard University, for these images.



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