Love and Rocks

Love and Rocks, by Laura E. Richards

           Estes and Lauriat,  1898

Although unsigned, this cover is shown in the August, 1898, issue of Book Notes [p. 78] as being a Sacker cover. (My thanks to the Kent State University libraries for helping me get this image.) It also exists on blue cloth, with redder rocks and apparently greener sea.   An alternate cover design [seen below] by Julia Ward Richards [ the author's daughter] appeared about the same time as this one. This is one of nine Richards covers that Sacker designed. There also exists a poster, with the spine and cover design in slightly different colors [see below!].


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poster      My thanks to A FINE THING: EDWARD T. POLLACK FINE ARTS                   [] for this scarce image

                    Alternate Love and Rocks

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