Little Puritan Rebel                    Little Puritan Rebel brown

A L ittle Puritan Rebel, by Edith Robinson

       L. C. Page and Co., 1898

Unsigned, but listed in a contemporary advertisement as Sacker's work. The brown version on the right is a generous donation to the UNC Greensboro library by book seller Joan Wadsworth; we thank her for it!

A (partial) dust jacket is shown below.  Sacker also did the illustrations for this title. This design also appears on other works in Page's Princess Series, such as Erica, or Feats on the Fiord.

At the bottom of the page appears a version in red cloth, thanks to the Baldwin Library of Historical Children's Literature Digital Collection at the University of Florida. There is also a blue cloth version there.


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Little Puritan Rebel DJ

Little Puritan Rebel red