Amy Sacker, Lecturer

A long career, and such a DIVERSE one !!


1898:  Amy offers two lectures, sponsored by the Boston Art Students' Association (later the Copley Society of Arts), to a group of students for a "course preparatory to European travel". She discusses the art to be seen in English museums, including the National Gallery. Coincidentally, she will design a cover for Julia de Wolf Addison's The Art of the National Gallery in 1905.

1908: Announcement in the Federation Bulletin (General Federation of Women's Clubs) for November




1919:   The "Microcosm" of Simmons College lists Amy as follows:

                                                                   Simmons College 1919

1920:   Ad in the Register of Women's Clubspublished in Boston and compiled by Helen M. Winslow

(Amy also created cover designs for two of Winslow's own books.)


[ Two years later, her repertoire had expanded! ]

1922 Register

1920:  Amy is also lecturing in Cincinnati, Ohio, on diverse topics:

The "Report of the Librarian" of  the Cincinnati Museum Association (7/1/1920) reports on Amy's variety of artistic endeavors, including her cinematic activities!


[My thanks to Deborah Barlow Smedstad, head of the William Morris Hunt Library at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, for this scarce information.]

1924 [February 19]: Amy gives a talk on "Experiences of an Art Director in the Motion Picture Studios of California", part of the "Open Door to Art" series held at the R.H. White department store in Boston. [ My thanks to Beverly K. Brandt for this scarce information ].

1928 [January 13]: Amy addresses the Copley Society in the exhibition hall of the Rogers Building on her experiences in Hollywood, during an "Evening Gossip" meeting with two other speakers. [ My thanks to the staff of the Archives of American Art for access to the records of the Copley Society.]

1945: Seventeen years later . . .


This announcement in the October, 1945, issue of More Books (the Boston Public Library Bulletin, page 366) reflects Amy's ongoing contributions in diverse areas of expertise, even at age 73 !

1945 lecture brochure

The cover of the BPL's brochure of the lectures that fall


1948: Three years later . . . at Tufts College

Tufts University 1948
Tufts College 1948
According to the annual report of the Group, the November meeting was the called "the highlight of the year" ! [My thanks to Dan Bullman and Susanne Belovari, of the Digital Collections and Archives at Tisch Library, Tufts University, for that tidbit! ]

1950:  Two years after that . . .     

A talk mentioned on page 151 of the New England Historical and Genealogical Register, in 1950.

April 1954: Four years after that . . .

These two lectures from 1953 were reported in the New England Historical and Genealogical Register in April, 1954.

Amy was about 81 at the time!!




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